Our treatments are based on a unique combination of physiotherapy and manual therapy. We use trigger point therapy to relax the muscles, and apply the methods of rehabilitation pilates for building strength. We not only focus on the painful part of the body, but rather try to find the connections between the various parts. The root cause of the pain might stem from a completely different problem than you would think. We examine thoroughly the body's static, the position of the spine and pelvis and the condition of the muscles/tendons. For us it is utmost important and absolutely necessary for the recovery of our patients to make them understand what is wrong and what can be done to help them, so we try explain everything  very clearly.

Our main goal is that following our treatments patients would be satisfied, relieved from pain so they can live a full life again, enjoying all kinds of physical activities. We always try to help our patients to avoid surgery in case of herniated disc, tennis elbow or knee problems. We at Budapestfizio are offering our patients a conservative (non-surgical) treatment to correct any kind of musculoskeletal issues. Our physiotherapists are English speaking and they continually update their skills keeping them great at what they do. Our service is designed to achieve the best possible result for our patients.

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