This program is set for the patient's need and state of health, it contains special exercises with correct posture according to the aim of the therapy. The advantage of this program is that the patient can practise on his/her own at home after learning the correct exercises.

The structure of a personal exercise program:

After thourough examination of the joints, muscles, movements, function, posture and spine the therapist sets up a program full of gymnastic exercises for the patient's personal needs. The program combines different types of exercises like:

  • mobilisation
  • muscle strenthening
  • autostretching
  • pain management
  • functional exercises
  • sportspecific exercises
  • balance training

The qymnastic exercises have numerous positive effects:

  • increase muscle stregth and flexibility
  • improve bone density
  • strengthen tendons and ligaments
  • enhace circulation (accelerate healing)
  • increase lung capacity
  • improve proprioception and balance
  • relieve pain and oedema
  • increase joint mobilty and stability
  • help in relaxation
  • contribute to have general good state of health and feelings

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