The main goal of Ergonomics is to reduce stress and eliminate injuries associated with the overuse of muscles, incorrect posture and repetitive moves. It is usually the way we hold our body or perform the tasks that cause workplace injury. Ergonomics is about trying to find solutions and designing workspaces, lightning and equipment positioning to fit the employee's physical capabilities.

Office ergonmics does not necessarily mean expensive ergonomic chair, desk or other workstation tools. Ergonomics in the office is a combination of ergonomic assessment with preventive ergonomic advice. The assessment is conducted on site, within the work environment. Our experienced physiotherapists will find solutions to your problems and adapt your environment to reduce risk factors.

An ergonomic assessment involves:

  • Discussion of symptoms, identification of risk factors
  • Assessment of posture and equipments
  • Adjustment of equipments (chair, mouse, monitor, keyboard etc.)
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Advising exercise programme 
  • Reassessment if required


Gyógytorna, munkahelyi ergonómia

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