Neckpain is often caused by the stiffness of the muscles. It is easy to treat with manual therapy and special exercises. Significant improvement is likely even in chronic cases.

Many headaches are caused also by the muscle stiffness. Usually treating the neck helps getting rid of headaches too.

Most commonly the reason of lower back pain is degradation of the vertebras, deep muscle weakness which causes instability or overload on the lumbar area. Disc problem is mostly the results of these conditions.

Many people have the diagnosis of "lumbago". This is not a disease, only an umbrella term of specific symptoms. The cause of this sudden sharp back pain is often not clarified. It can be slipped disc, a muscle disorder, connective tissue or fascia problem.

Manual therapy, specific exercises, deep muscle training can reduce of the likelyhood of lower back pain, slipped disc or lumbago. Even in acute phase physiotherapy can offer you a rapid help, that is why it is important to visit your therapist as soon as possible.

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