The most common reasons of upper back pain:


Scheuermann's disease

poor posture

dislocation of joints

muscle strain


The only effective treatment of scoliosis is the Schroth therapy. It is crucial to treat the scoliosis because later it may cause muscle imbalance problems, dislocation etc.

Scheuermann' s disease

With Scheuermann's disease an abnormality causes parts of the vertebrae to grow at different rates during a child's growth spurt. This variance causes some of the vertebrae to become wedge-shaped, and this can lead to a rounded upper back. Sceuermann's disease begins before puberty, therefore if a young person shows symptoms, phyiotherapy should be started as soon as possible.

Poor posture

Poor posture is an abnormal curvature of the upper spine without structural problem. It can be caused by large amounts of time spent sitting at desks and using computers. Physiotherapy will help to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spine and correct poor posture.


Physiotherapy for upper back pain includes

  • joint mobilisation
  • soft tissue massage
  • strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles and back extensor muscles to stabilise the spine
  • postural management
  • ergonomic assessment

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