Golfers and tennis elbow

Both conditions are triggered by overuse of the muscles originating near from the elbow joint. The term is misleading as not only sportsmen suffer from these injuries. the golfers and tennis elbow is an inflammation in the soft tissues around the elbow caused by overuse which might mean a one-time or a long term repeated strain. Through this strain microinjuries are evolved in the muscles and periosteum which cause pain near the elbow. According to the side of the elbow is affected  we call this injury golfers or tennis elbow. In case of pain in the outer side of the elbow we call it tennis elbow, if the pain is in the inner side of the elbow we use the term golfers elbow. Because of the stiff, rigid muscles nerves may get under pressure which might produce pain and numbness in the hand and fingers. All these symptoms finally effect the strength and function of the hand, often gripping gets weaker by the progress.

Symptoms of the golfers and tennis elbow

  • pain in the outer or inner part of the elbow
  • point tenderness over the elbow bone
  • pain for movements of elbow or wrist, especially gripping and lifting
  • might appear radiating pain, torpidness in the forearm and hand
  • weakness of the hand (gripping, lifting)

The goal of the treatment is to reduce pain and inflammation, eliminate the cause by ease the muscles. The final target is to gain the full, painfree function of the hand and upper extremity.

The treatment of the golfers and tennis elbow:

  • ultrasound and electrotherapy
  • massage, stretching
  • manual therapy
  • kinesio taping
  • strengthening
  • functional exercises


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