Broken, dislocated finger

Fingers are easily injured and broken in everyday activities and in sporting activities, causing swelling and pain in the hand. In case of broken fingers X-ray should be taken to assist with diagnosis.

Physiotherapy for broken or dislocated finger

Treatment for a broken finger usually involves immobilisation in a small splint for between 2 to 4 weeks to allow the bone to heal. Following the splint is removed, physiotherapy treatment should start as soon as possible.

  • ultrasound and electrotherapy to reduce swelling and pain
  • mobiliastion for neck and arm
  • strenghtening and stretching exercises
  • soft tissue massage to reduce stiffness
  • kinesio taping

Trigger finger

Trigger finger occurs when the tendon of the finger becomes too thick so it cannot glide easily through, causing a painful clicking or locking.

In case of serious sypmtoms surgery may be required. Following the surgery ohysiotherapy will help to reduce swelling, relieve pain and stiffness and to regain functional movement of the finger.

Dupuytren's contracture

Dupuytren's contracture occurs when the soft tissue in the finger is shorter therefore the fingers cannot be straightened.At the beginning of this disease there are some nodules in the palm of the hand making limitation in straightening the fingers. As the problem progresses the fingers may be permanently bended towards the palm.

In the early stages physiotherapy can slow or reverse the progression. Physiotherapy includes soft tissue massage, manual therapy, stretching exercises to prevent the contracture and the surgery.


In case of osteoarthritis the damaged cartilage results pain, swelling and stiffness in the joint. Most often osteoarthritis is at the base of the thumb.

What are the sypmtoms of osteoarthritis?

  • stiffness in the joints, mainly in the morning
  • sharp pain
  • limited movements

Physiotherapy for osteoarthrits

  • ultrasound, electrotherapy
  • manual therapy
  • strenghtening and stretching exercises
  • kinesio taping



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