Fracture of the proximal radius

The fracture of the proximal radius is usually caused by falling onto an outstretched hand or by a direct force to the outer side of the elbow. This injury damages the bone and/or the surrounding soft tissues. The fracture needs to be repleaced by a specialist if necessary and fixed with surgery or plaster. When mobilisation is allowed it is crucial to start physiotherapy as soon as possible to regain full range of movement and muscle force and to achieve complete painfree everyday function of the upper extremity.

The treatment of the fracture of the proximal radius includes:

  • soft tissue techniques (massage, trigger point therapy, fascia techniques)
  • passive and active mobilistaion of the elbow and arm
  • ultrasound therapy
  • strengthening
  • functional exercises

Repetitive strain injuries

Repetitive strain injuries are caused by overwork of a particular part of the body by a repeated movement and commonly affect nerves, tendos and muscles. It is common among sportsman (especially paddling sports, rowing, tennis and golf) and among those, who make repetitive actions such as typing or clicking a computer mouse. This type of injury comes more and more frequent as we tend to spend much time in front of the computer and using our phone, that is the reason why repetitive strain injuries are also called occupational (or sports) overuse syndromes.

Repetitive strain injury is an umbrella term to refer to different conditions caused by repetitive tasks, overuse and sustained positions. The most common type of this is tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon).


  • aching, pulsing pain for a specific movement or later on in a resting position too
  • tingling
  • warmth, swelling
  • stiff forearm and wrist
  • extremity weakness

The treatment of repetitive strain injuries:

  • ultrasound, electrotherapy
  • massage, trigger point therapy
  • neck and extremity mobilisation
  • manual therapy
  • stretching and strengthening
  • posture correction in sitting and standing
  • kinesio taping

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